Winning films will be featured for a month in the Media Arts Gallery at the Flint Institute of Arts!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements?

To be eligible for the Flint Youth Film Festival you must meet the following critetia: -Anyone older than 13 and younger than 25. -Completed your film between January 1, 2020 and June 1, 2021. The categories are split into three groups: -13-15 -16-19 -20-25 For each group there is a maximum length we can accept: -The 13-15 group can submit an entry up to 5 minutes long -The 16-19 group can submit an entry up to 10 minutes long -The 20-25 group can submit an entry up to 20 minutes long All 13-15 films are eligible for Achievement Awards. The 16-19 and 20-25 films are all considered for the top prizes in each group separated by Fiction and Non-Fiction as well as for additional craft awards for Writing, Directing, and Cinematography. All films are also eligible for the Heart Award or Audience Choice Award. The deadline to enter your film to the festival is June 1, 2021. Please submit either though our Google Form, FilmFreeway, or email your submission with a complete downloaded entry form to flintyouthfilmfestival@gmail.com

Where can I register?

Registering is simple and can be done any of the following ways: -Download an entry form and fill it out in full and send it along with a link to your film to flintyouthfilmfestival@gmail.com -Submit online using FilmFreeway -Fill out our Google Form If there are any questions or concerns feel free to ask us.

Where and when do I need to submit the registration form?

Go to the Enter tab on our website and download an entry form to fill out or click the link to submit through FilmFreeway or our Google Form. If submitting using the form email it along with a link to your film to flintyouthfilmfestival@gmail.com All films and forms can be submtitted up to June 1, 2021

When is the Film Festival and where will it be held?

Due to the uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all films entered into the 2021 Flint Youth Film Festival screening will be available on our YouTube channel for the entire month of July. Click here to RSVP & free tickets! The Flint Youth Film Festival 2021 awards ceremony will also be online on July 22, 2021. Click here to RSVP & free tickets! Check back on our website and various social media channels for more information as the event gets closer.

When is the Ceremony and where is the venue of the event?

The Flint Youth Film Festival Awards Ceremony is usually held at the Flint Institute of Arts. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the 2021 Awards Ceremony will be streamed online. This may change depending on the status of the pandemic by summer of 2021.

Is it true that my entry will be on exhibition at the Flint Institute of Arts for the whole month of July?

Yes. Films that win any prize as part of the Flint Youth Film Festival will be screened in the Media Gallery at the Flint Institute of Arts. This is an important asset to your resume as an artist and for entrance into college, art or film school.

How else can entrance in the film festival benefit me?

Entrants who have participated in our festival have had films win prizes at other festivals, such as Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival. Some participants have gone on to earn a student EMMY. Others have gone on to attend film programs at NYU and the Maryland Institute College of Art, both with widely recognized programs and alumni. Additional participants are working on their college degrees closer to home as well as working in area media.

Who are the Judges?

The judges for the Festival are made up of various young and old media professionals (directors, producers, editors, videographers, writers, etc.) from across the United States as well as some international professionals as well. The judges also provide entrants with feedback for their film.

Are there any cash prizes?

Yes, winning entrants can win cash prizes for their films.

Do you offer Filmmaking workshops?

Yes we do! We have workshops that benefit all ages and a variety of topics. Good for newbies to the world of film as well as some with a little more experience. Click here for WORKSHOPS

How do I join the Festival team?

We are always looking for volunteers and interns to join our team and help us do outreach and get things done for the Festival. If you're interested send us a message here or email us at flintyouthfilmfestival@gmail.com and we'll work on setting up a meeting to see if you're a good fit.


The submission deadline is JUNE 1, 2021 (electronic submission dating). Free!!!

  1. Minors must receive guardian/parental consent to enter the competition.

  2. Entrants are strongly encouraged to attend the orientation session for the festival.

  3. Entrants are strongly encouraged to attend the filmmaking workshops provided by the festival.

Categories of Entries
13-15: up to 5 minutes
16-19 (Fiction or Non-Fiction):  up to 10 minutes
20-25 (Fiction or Non-Fiction): up to 20 minutes

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