Facist Pigs.png

No More Facist Pigs!

Gio Orlando

Ashley, sick of her setting of right wing suburbia, kills a racist when he says the wrong thing to her.

Video Message.png

Video Message

Matthew Tschirhart

A man leaves a video message for his friend in which he expresses his paranoia.

Run From Death.png

Running From Death

Hunter Tabor, Aden Pierce

Two Jewish twins, living in Poland during the Holocaust, are on the run to escape being captured.



Jake Cortez

A young teenager struggles with identity issues when celebrating their birthday at home.

New Beginnings.png

New Beginnings

Justin Castro

The story of a hearing impaired middle school student and his struggles to get by within the school environment.

Two Brothers.png

Two Brothers

Ollie Rodriguez

Two Brothers reminisce on family hardships and loss.



Jeffery Huang

A teenager drives home from school.



Simon Pruitt

A radical animal rights group faces a moral dilemma when fleas are discovered in their office.

The Chase.png

The Chase

Aiden Cockrell

Boy tries to get girl to fall in love with him.


The Caliente

Nolan Baker

A criminal makes a deal for a package, and the FBI tries to stop her.



Skyler Garcia

Despite the president's calming words, the aliens are coming!

Face Off!.png

Face Off!

Simon Pasquesi

A hockey player is injured with a potentially career-ending wound. He must face the challenges ahead to get back on the ice.

16-19 Nonfiction


The Artificial Revolution

Elyas Masrour

A young artist investigates the recent advancements in creative Artificial Intelligence to see if we're approaching the end of art.


Service: The Civilian Conservation Corps

Seamus Mahooney

Recalling the work the Civilian Conservation Corps completed and calling for it to be reinstated.

After Today.png

After Today

Caroline Riechel

Two high school best friends spend one of their last days together before college as they revisit all the reasons why they are each other's best friend.



Zachary Goodwin

A short look into a group of people that join together in the meatpacking district of downtown Los Angeles.


My Scapegoat

Camden Riley Ford

A man struggling to find self-worth builds himself his own world inside of his head.

Day In The Woods.png

A Day In The Woods

Ryan Blackwood

This film tells the story of nature as the day goes by.

Coming Up For Air.png

Coming Up For Air

Laila Sparks

What depression really is and what it means for different people.



Laila Sparks

Phillip Simpson spreads joy and happiness through artwork that smiles.

Taking A Break.png

Taking A Step Back

CJ Villaflor

A film about stopping and thinking about what really is and realizing you're not out of time.

La Voodoo Femme.png

La Voodoo Femme

Kristin Quintanilla

A film about spiritualist and medium Jeana Evan.



Rachael Doel

An experimental film over the hardships and challenges that many young women face in today's society.


An Ecosystem On The Line

Steven Simpson

Our world being attacked by pollution is conveyed through fishing. Fishing is more than just catching a fish and this may be ruined if our waters become any more depleted.

16-19 Fiction

Sticky Situation.png

A Sticky Situation

Kaia Chambers

Ryan is finally getting the chance with the girl of his dream, Olivia, but his unique medical condition puts him in a sticky situation.

Black Futures.png

Black Futures

Jasmine Scriven

Freya wants to participate in a BLM protest but, is met with the dangers of going brought up by her mother. Freya has to decide whether or not this is a cause worth fighting for.

Caved In.png

Caved In

Michelle Tang

A girl struggling with artist’s block is forced to battle her inner demons.

Celestial Burning.png

Celestial Burning

Tyler Harding

Two people in love face an issue that takes the world to almost end to realize how much they love each other.



Arman Taheri

A woman is terrorized by her thoughts. Can she learn to stand up to him?

Dr. Bright.png

Dr. Bright

Anna Kordzakhia

An obsessively orderly girl decides to take a pill that is meant to "free her mind" but it comes with unexpected side effects.

Gym Day.png

Gym Day

Sanay Saboo

An ambitious young man decides to finally go to the gym, but there is a small obstacle in his way.

I Love You More.png

I Love You More

Parker Kerns

A young man struggles with loss and grief, determined to find a way to ease the pain he searches for the supernatural while internally reflection and reminiscing about the person he lost.



Gabriella Hsu

"Legato" is a short film about a little girl's discovery through her imagination what her father means when he says to work hard for something and not give up.


The Muggers

Jeffery Wu

A guy is walking down an alleyway and encounters an unusual surprise.

Never Have I Ever.png

Never Have I Ever

Gabriella Hsu

The endless possibilities in the simple game of Never Have I Ever, serial murder psycho situations included. Be careful who you play with, as well as who you choose to have a crush on.



Amia Datts-Voluntad

Silence is a short Christian film focused on the topic of systemic racism. An African-American teenager debates with her inner self on whether or not she should voice her opinion on racial injustices with her friends.

Virginity Rocks.png

Virginity Rocks

Sophia Pangalos

A boy with a troubled home life finds connection with a stranger through an unusual way.



Mark Teaford

Marshall is running for their life when they are contacted by a warlock revealing secrets that have been kept for too long.



Brooke Burnett

A small family of satyrs is disheartened to find that the lucky flowers protecting their pasture have been stolen. 

When the Tide Falls.png

When The Tide Falls Out

Phoebe Yung

Friends remember and mourn the loss of a close friend.

Write Off the Page.png

Write Off The Page

May-Lynn Le

A tired and overworked millennial author tries to finish the last chapter of her fantasy novel.



Isabelle O'Brien

"Yellow" is a film that explores being trapped in the mind of a woman suffering from mental illness due to isolation during a global pandemic.

20-25 Nonfiction

Destined Find.png

A Destined Find

Casey Iles

An unexpected incident caused 21-year-old Sarah Basset to come across a destined find that was very rewarding.


Jaiveer Has A Day Job

Lorenzo Benitez

Jaiveer writes code by day and produces electronic music by night. Confined to his room during the pandemic, he composes new material to make the most of his isolation.

Smell of Burning.png

The Smell Of Burning

Remy Styrk

I see my mom everywhere I go, in everything I do, and in everything I want to accomplish, but she is always just out of reach. I am entangled in her memory, and the memories of those she inspired.

From Here and Back Residual.png

From Here And Back; Residual

Remy Styrk

I have very little memory of my parents’ relationship; only pictures and the interactions between my dad and the things of my mom’s he’s kept.



Andrea Chiara Mangano

After seeing a video of a beautiful dancer, a sweet young girl decides to become one too. However, she is very shy...



Anna Yang

Pause is an abstract film about a journey searching for a way to pause everything.

With Love Pops.png

With Love, Pops

Emily Burroughs

A young woman loses her grandfather, as she leaves his house for the last time, she's reminded that even though he is gone, the memories last a lifetime, as she says Goodbye.

Lost in a Daze.png

Lost In The Daze Of Candy

Claudia Peralta Torres

Using music as an escape to improve their own mental wellness; A local band navigates life and loss after the sudden death of a loved one.



Zixin Zhang

Ted is a portrait of a disabled artist who strives for acceptance from mainstream society. The film asks for audiences to rethink their disabilities, relationships, and capabilities.

Missed Steps.png

Missed Steps

Kara Headley

A dancer's world is rocked when COVID-19 begins to take the lives of those in her community.

Pandemic Diaries.png

Pandemic Diaries: Parenthood

Markeice Patrick

This film documents the life of a mother and her two kids as they navigate life in the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020.

Blessed Mother.png

The Blessed Mother

Maura De Rose

A college student turns 21: the age her mother was when she was born.

Too Slow.png

Too Slow

Julia Raye

"Too Slow" is an experimental film of an original poetry performance.

About Gender.png

About Gender

Gi Tucker

"About Gender" is an animated short film for young people and others to learn more about gender exploration and the gender spectrum.

Normal Happy Kid.png

A Normal Happy Kid

Megan Kipper

A story that explores the unrelenting challenges that come from living with bipolar disorder in unprecedented times and the emotional toll it has on a twenty-one-year-old woman.



Madi Garica

"Ragtown." is a short, reflective documentary that attempts to show the perseverance and the dedication required to survive in a town outcast from the rest of the world by train tracks simply marking the boundaries.

In A Sea Of Land.png

In A Sea Of Land

Calvin Herbst

The once-booming American gold rush hot spot, Cuchillo, New Mexico, is now a silent ghost town. Josh Bond, an adobe architect & artist, has worked for over a decade to keep his historic property from crumbling.

20-25 Fiction


The Explorer

I Ting Kao

During an exploratory journey to another planet, a young explorer, Bob, finds himself slowly losing what makes him unique.



Zachary Simon

A farm of instrument animals welcomes a new member who finds a different way to fit in.

Dear Destiny.png

Dear Destiny

Brian Mack

Dear Destiny follows a young girl as she writes a letter to her future self after the recent loss of her father.

Driving Test.png

Driving Test?!

Jessica Ordz

Milo takes his driving test, but his nerves get the best of him, causing his imagination to take over most of the drive.



Lyanne Rodriguez

An awkward young moth going through puberty must control his attraction towards lamps but finds it difficult when his life becomes a health class PSA.

Dad's Hibiscus.png

Dad's Hibiscus

Jiamu Tao

10-year-old Sammie tries to make the sun stay in the sky in order to save his hibiscus that only lives for one day.



Danielle DeRosa

A lonely moon spirit in charge of painting the stars in the sky loses his spark, and can only rekindle his powers with the help of an unlikely friend.



Sylvia Lee

An early Renaissance sculptor desperate for fame finally gets her wish but at the expense of her life and identity.

Wade Or Row.png

To Wade Or Row

Rebecca van der Meulen

As reproductive rights have been revoked, a young woman visits an underground abortion clinic operating out of a small town motel.

Playing the Game.png

Playing The Game

Jakob Cansler

Set in the 1980s, "Playing the Game" portrays the untold true stories of gay students at UVA during that era, and the struggles - internal and external - that they faced.

Jueves Afternoon.png

Jueves Afternoon

Hugo Ortiz Clemens

After a series of unfortunate events, Carmen will have to rush through the city in order to get – on time – to her US immigration interview.

Summer Flings.png

Summer Flings And Funerals

Antonio Corsi

"At the end of summer, I killed this man. For loving both girls, and hurting them too."
A memoir of cheating, heartbreak, and inevitable death.

Other Side.png

The Other Side

Ruthie Grumbine

A plucky teenage girl ventures into the woods on a roleplaying mission, only to cross into a real, dangerous land where she must save her brother from dragon fire.

Girl In A Box.png

A Girl In A Box

Elsa Nilaj

We follow Girl, a disconnected young adult who feels alone and lost in a society that praises conformity. As a way to cope with this, she boxes herself in and explores the world around her.

Limit Of One.png

Limit Of One

Allison Riley

When their cat is hit by a car, a recently broken up couple must come together to go to the vet’s office to put it down. While they wait, they must decide which of them will accompany the cat in its final moments.


The Homecoming

Elsa Nilaj

An estranged 23–year-old daughter reunites with her father once she learns that he only has a few weeks left to live.



J.T.J Studios

After a ship crash lands on a rural farm, all hell breaks loose.



Danny Souza

An anxious boxer takes to the ring to fight his demons.