On edge.jpg

On Edge

Gio Orlando

A short film examining a man experiences high levels of anxiety about world issues that drive him over the edge.

The Hunt.jpg

The Hunt

Ryan Blackwood

A boy makes a sandwich and his hungry dog goes on the hunt to take his food.

16-19 Nonfiction

Elli's House.jpg

Elli's House | Charity Week 2020

Noah Scudder

A look at Elli's House, an organization that helps to get women out of human trafficking in Detroit.


The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative

Grace Bright, Grace Joo

The native arctic grayling disappeared from Michigan waters by 1936. This is the story of what it will take to bring them back.


Hustle - NoJo Kicks

Dominic Devito

The story of the rise of NoJo Kicks in the Detroit sneaker game.


The Walker Literacy Center

Audrey Parks

The Walker Literacy Center supports students in Detroit in literacy and in life.


Mission: Puerto Rico

Tyler Harding

Teen volunteers travel to Puerto Rico to support hurricane relief efforts. While assisting residents, they formed relationships with the people and helped to provide hope to the community.

16-19 Fiction



Ronan Streby

A man wakes up in a world where he is alone.

No explanation, no warning, no one around to tell him why. He tries to adjust, but is this a world he can adjust to?



Corey Jarvinen

On the outskirts of a western town two foes come face to face for a deathmatch...



Anna Dorflinger

A young man tries to help his friends with his new optimistic outlook on life.

The Incident At The Pier.jpg

The Incident at the Pier

Abby Bright, Grace Joo

What happens when the tea gets spilled?

A deep look into how a single moment can explode into high school drama.



Tyler Harding

Following the aftermath of a bioterrorism attack, a teenage boy struggles to survive in a dystopian, chaotic world.

Covert Betrayal.jpg

Covert Betrayal

Max Doerr

An undercover agent for the FBI deep in a drug ring is discovered and must make a run for it.



Corey Jarniven

Hunters become the hunted as two criminals take their hostage into the wrong forest.


Into the Dark

Liam Hornschild-Bear

During the return from a mission to space, a capsule catches on fire and hits earth leaving only 1 survivor. While at first, the pilot believes he is alone, he soon meets something else in the darkness of the woods.


Bogey Gergel

Madison Strachan

Legendary golf champion Bogey Gergel arrives at the 18th green with an 8 shot lead.



Tyler Harding

A film to build social awareness to new addiction facing teens today.

The Runoff.jpg

The Runoff

Zachary Sinutko

A tale of what one student will do to be victorious in a school's runoff election.




Ali DeCesare

A social distancing PSA depicting two individuals sharing a picnic, following social distancing recommendations, of course.

Keye PSA.jpg

Keye PSA

Julien York

A look into the effects the harsh world of sexual abuse and human trafficking do to a victim.

20-25 Nonfiction


The Moistest Museum

Casey Iles, Tessa Osborne, Celia Lochkos

John French is the curator of the Moist Towelette Museum, located in his office in the Abrams Planetarium.

Connecting Kin.jpg

Connecting Kin

Olivia York

The end of the road. A new beginning. Connecting Kin is a short student-made documentary that follows a young woman, Jaimie, as she embarks on a journey to find her biological family.


Side Hustlers

Kara Headley

Three college students discuss their side hustles and why they do them.

20-25 Fiction


Dream Date

Ari Adeniji

A gay man is anxious as he waits for his date to show up, as he waits he grows discouraged entering into a dream-like state showing what would happen if his date did show up.



Julien York

A girl is haunted by something that only is able to lurk in the darkness.


Par Avion

Parker Keye Eisen

A woman works through the trauma of witnessing a plane explode while trying to express herself to her lover.



Merik Alam

A horror short about a job interview, and the ensuing trauma that follows.

The Most Desirable.jpg

The Most Desirable

Alexander Leon

In Marty’s quest to find a job out of college, his options begin to turn from bleak to sinister.

One Man Hide and Seek.jpg

One Man Hide and Seek

Andrew Forsleff, Alexandria Douglas

Bored of life Sally plays a game, things go south when the doll gets possessed and attacks.


The Smile I Wear

Antonio Corsi

An invisible man confronts a world obsessed with happiness to find his true self and save those he loves.



Sumer Williams

A deranged former botany student goes on a killing spree perfecting his method to exact revenge on the former love of his life.

DOGMA 2025.jpg

DOGMA 2025

Merek Alam

Dogma 2025 is a manifesto for the future of film. A response to Lars Von Trier's Dogme 95', get ready to for the cultural shift of the century.