Alex the Dyslexic

Alexandria Douglas

This was a project for my Documentary prodution class at Mott, where we had to find a person who had an struggle in school that wasn't easy to see unless that person spoke out about it. For this film we focused on people with dyslexia and following the daily struggles that this learning disability has on people in school.

Lost and Found

Nick Price

Name: Nick Price

Email Address: nickprice6778@gmail.com

Subject: Short Fiction Film - Lost & Found

Message: This fiction film is about the troubles of growing up with dreams in our society today. Directed by me, Nick Price, follow our lead actress, Ireland Jade as she goes through many stages in her life and realizes what's really important in the midst of it all.

Club of Steel

Zachary Atkinson

"Did this for fun. We did not have a plan at the beginning and film for about 2 hour in one day. As we went on an idea started to take shape. It is terrible, but we had fun making it..."

I'm Back

Robert "Swa'Z" Townsend

Fourth Wall

John Solano

"While attending a movie marathon, Parker finds that not everyone in the theater is who they say they are."

Directed by John Solano with David Bratton, Steven Phillips and Joshua Caskey. Produced in association with the Media Arts & Entertainment Technology program at Mott Community College..

Dark Spirts Within - Experimental Short Flim

Anisa Muhammad

This is the finished copy of the video!!! 
Credits: Directed by Jabril Muhammad
Edited By: Jabril and Anisa Muhammad
Starring Actors: Anisa,Jabril and Rasheed Muhammad 

Friendly Stranger

Merek Alam

Thank you to everyone involved in this.

Libby DeCamp - Duende Sessions

Zachary Nimbach

This is my 2016 Flint Youth Film Festival entry.

Undrinkable Short Version

DTV Davison High School

This is our first documentary on the Flint Water Crisis. We were one of the first news organizations to tell about this tragedy and we have been there since the beginning.

Ford Field 2015

Jared Adams

Jared Adams


This was the winning feature for the MHSAA School Broadcast Program this year. I produced it, Ryan Holvey and Camryn Blair assisted.

Parts Per Billion

Alexandria Douglas

A documentary that covers the people speaking out about the Flint Water Crisis.


Tyler Hartwig

Fiction is a movie by Tyler Hartwig.

Flint Water Crisis

This is a film by Travis Turner and Josh Brown regarding the Flint Water Crisis

Josh Brown and I, Travis Turner. Current University of Michigan-Flint Students, have been following the Flint Water Crisis. What we witnessed was an abomination towards Flint, MI. Growing up near Flint, MI, and going to school at the University of Michigan-Flint. We have always have a special interest in the City's, history, as well as its future. Flint was finally starting to get back on its feet, becoming a college town. But now with the Flint Water Crisis, who is going to want to enroll in becoming an student with this water crisis going on. The University's of Michigan-Flint's, enrollment dropped 3 Percent because of the Water Crisis Currently going on in Flint, MI. Now the federal funding which Flint, Michigan which was getting has been stopped. Why, Was Flint just a pawn in the publicity of the media? Flint's City has a enriched cultural environment. Just because Flint has another hump to get over does not mean this city will recover. The City of Flint, will recover from this and continue on becoming a college town because if this city does not recover from General Motors ever leaving, what city will if an major corporation leaves?

Rebuild Flint: The Water Crisis March

A UM-Flint senior journalism student and flint native documenting the community march and the appearance of Rev. Jesse Jackson!

 I took to the streets of Flint to document a civil rights protest and the appearance of Jesse Jackson.


Name: Pharlon Randle

Email Address: bangtown@yahoo.com

Subject: Scribble - Haskell Youth Center

Message: This video and song was created during Bangtown Productions - Studio On The GO program at they Haskell Youth Center in 2015.

UM-Flint Chancellor speaks about the Flint Water Crisis

Name: Brittany Willingham

Email Address: Brwillin@umflint.edu

Subject: UM-Flint Chancellor speaks about the Flint Water Crisis

Message: I interviewed Chancellor Sue Borrego who spoke about the Flint water Crisis.

Keep Genesee County Beautiful

Name: Delrico Shine

Email Address: shine.d.delrico@gmail.com

Subject: Keep Genesee County Beautiful

Message: As Keystone members, it is our duty to commit ourselves to the community we live in, and one of our goals is to adopt a park and rebuild it for the community. We are taking a huge responsibility by adopting one of our community parks. The park is named “Cook Park”, and we plan to make this community asset alive again. We have devoted time clean and renovate the park in hopes to make it a safe, attractive, and fun environment for all families and youth throughout the neighborhood.
By the end of this project, we hope our park will not look as run-down as it does now. There will be no trash or debris lying around; all the basketball hoops will be rebuilt; the playground will look like a warm welcome for kids to play around and have fun. We do this for our community out of love and respect for the city we call home.


Jermaine Davis

Name: Jermaine Davis

Email Address: jermainedavis25@gmail.com

Subject: Isolation Extended version

Message: Directed by Jermaine Davis starring Marissa Boisclair, Malcolm Barrett and Jovonna Crater. A young woman life change after a recent video causes her to Isolate herself from society.

New England Patriots

Jermaine Davis

Name: Jermaine Davis

Email Address: jermainedavis25@gmail.com

Subject: Desktop documentary:New England Patriots

Message: A short little video I made of the New England Patriots

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